It’s a whole lot more than just jQuery!
We’re making our first trip to Chicago to bring together experts from across the field of front-end development to bring you up to speed on the latest open web technologies. Get the latest on jQuery and related projects, code architecture and organization, design and implementation practices, tooling and workflow improvements, and emerging browser technologies.

Together again!
We had such a good time with Roost in San Diego that we’re taking the show on the road. Roost is a two-day training event operated by the folks at Bocoup, designed to give developers an immersive, hands-on experience creating modern web applications.

You can attend either #jqcon or Roost, but we’re also offering a combo ticket that’ll get you into both events and a four-day-long opportunity to learn a lot about JavaScript and web development in the company of a community of developers from across our field and around the world.